🇺🇸 How to hem sport pants

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Would you like to hem pants? Your pants are old or damage?

Wear a new pair of DIY pants with my sewing tutorial 🙂

This is a very easy way to repair pants for you and for your family!

I think to repair my pants for 2 reasons:

  • I can re-use my pants;
  • I can personalized the color of my hem with my favorite fabric.

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And You? Let’s try and send me a picture! You can pubish it on my facebook page @sarapoiese, I’m very happy to see your creations.You can find the complete material list below.

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A sewing video tutorial with Sara Poiese 🙂 A sewing project for you and all your family pants.

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Follow my blog www.sarapoiese.com e and start sewing your personalized wardrobe. You can sew outfit and accessories for you and your handmade gifts.Every project can be easier and faster with my tutorials, and you handmade creations will be a great success! I love sewing ! 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻

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How to hem sport pants

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– sports pants
– blu jersey
– Serger: http://www.singerco.com/products/2347/14hd854-heavy-duty
– 4 blue thread: https://industry.guetermann.com/en/products/maraflex
– 1 lighter
– ruler 15 x 30 cm : https://www.prym.com/en/universal-ruler-15x30cm-611307
– cartridge pencil: https://www.prym.com/en/cartridge-pencil-prym-love-with-2-leads-white-610848
– tape measure
– magnetic pincushion: https://www.prym.com/en/magnetic-pincushion-with-glass-headed-pins-610287?c=4387
– rotary cutter prymlove collection: https://www.prym.com/en/rotary-cutter-omnicut-prym-love-610473
– cutting mat: https://www.prym.com/en/cutting-mat-cm/inch-divisions-60x90cm-light-green-611468?number=16114680
– craft scissor: https://www.prym.com/en/craft-scissors-professional-13cm-611510

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